Ran Zhu (朱然)

Ran Zhu (朱然)

PhD candidate

TU Delft

About me

I am a PhD candidate supervised by Dr. Qing Wang, Dr. Jie Yang, and Dr. Marco Antonio Zúñiga Zamalloa at the Embedded and Networked Systems (ENS) group, faculty of EEMCS, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands.

My current research interests include Visible Light Communication and Sensing, and Embedded AI for IoT. I also worked on pedestrian indoor positioning and intelligent navigation for automous robots supervised by Dr. Zhuoling Xiao.


  • Visible Light Communication and Sensing
  • Embedded AI for IoT
  • Visual-SLAM


  • M.Eng in Communication and Information System, 2021

    University of Electronic and Scientific Technology of China (UESTC)

  • B.Eng in Communication Engineering, 2018

    Jilin University (JLU)


[2021] Outstanding Graduates of Sichuan Province
[2021] Outstanding Graduates of UESTC
[2021] Excellent Competition Team of UESTC
[2020] First Price in China Graduate Electronics Design Contest (Top 1%)
[2020] “Guorui” Scholarship
[2020] Gold award in China College Students Internet + Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Sichuan district competition)
[2020] Silver Award of Sichuan Province in “Challenge Cup” Agriculture Bank of China College Student Business Plan Competition
[2019] National Scholarship of China (Top 1%)
[2018] UESTC First-class Scholarship for new graduate student
[2018-2020] First-class academic scholarship * 2
[2018-2021] Outstanding Student Awards of UESTC * 3
[2015-2017] National Inspirational Scholarship * 3


  • ranzhuzr@gmail.com
  • Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6, Delft, 2628 XE
  • Enter Building 28 and take the stairs to Office 2.W.920 on Floor 2